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Maximum Impact II Round up

Black Country Boxing Promotions held a seven-contest promotion at the Eastside Rooms Birmingham City centre (17.06.23). Headlining the show was Birmingham’s Ryan Kelly who was returning after a year out the ring in a six rounder (link to report below). Also already reported on we had hot prospect Jake Melvin who was having his first six rounder.

The remaining five contest consisted of one six-rounder, three four-rounders’ over three-minutes and a female contest over four two-minute rounds. In the six-round contest in the home corner we had McCracken gyms Kay Jimenez. Jimenez (30) who is unbeaten was having his third pro contest and his first six round contest. In the four round contests we had three unbeaten fighters in the home corner, they were Lewis Morris (21), Brandon Jones (23) and Jamie Behan (20). In the female contest which was over four two-minute rounds was Jasmin Harmitt who was making he debut as a professional boxer.

First on the card was twenty-year-old Jamie Behan who was having his third fight of his professional career. Behan was taking on veteran Journeyman MJ Hall in a four round Middleweight contest. The contest was over four three-minute rounds with Behan weighing in ten stone thirteen and Hall coming in at eleven stone with Jamie Kirkpatrick reffing.

Behan came out firing in the first round switching stances against southpaw Hall and showing great ring craft banging in some nice combinations to win the round. Behan showed great footwork in the second switching stance and picking eye-catching shots with Hall not throwing anything of merit back.

Great combinations by Behan in the third who was smashing in nice combinations to Halls head and body, Hall covered up well but not much coming back. Hall was in full survival mode in the final round as Behan continued to bang good shot in to Hall’s head and body.

Ref Jamie Kirkpatrick scored it 40 to 36 I had it the same.


Next up was twenty five year old female professional boxer Jasmin Harmitt making her debut in the super Welterweight division against Angelica Oles. The contest was over four two-minute rounds with Harmitt weighing in nine stone eleven and Oles coming in nine stone twelve with Jamie Kirkpatrick reffing.

Fast start by Harmitt who let go lots of flurry’s of shots winning her debut round with ease. Oles had a ho back in the second landing some nice shots, Hamitt answered her with nice shots of her own winning the round.

Oles continued to ask questions in the third giving Harmitt a bloody nose, Harmitt returned fire with big shots of her own to win the round. Harmitt was busy at the start of the final round letting her hands go, Oles came back with shots of her own, even round.

Ref Jamie Kirkpatrick scored it 40 to 37 I had it the same.


Next up in the home corner was the twenty three year old unbeaten light heavyweight Brandon Jones who was having his eighth contest as a pro. Jones from Chelmsley wood would be taking on the tricky veteran southpaw Journeyman Darryl Sharp from Manchester in a four round contest. The fight was in the Cruiserweight division with Jones weighing in thirteen stone one and Shatp coming in twelve stone eleven with Jamie Kirkpatrick reffing.

Steady start by Jones who worked his way in using a nice jab with Sharp being very cagey and letting some big dhoti off at the end of, but Jones won the round. Jones continued to use his jab well in the second but Sharp was moving well and seemed up for a scrap taunting Jones, the Chelmsley wood fighter had good shots off but Sharp reminded him he was in a competitive fight getting some eye-catching shots off near the end of the round Jones still won the round form me.

Sharp had a go at the start of the third catching Jones with some nice shots and some big left hooks, Jones soon retook control with some nice combinations and big shots winning the round. Jones put some sting in his shots in the final round making Sharp’s nose bleed, this just seemed to egg the journeyman on as he let some nice shots go and continued to taunt Jones while doing it, Jones just edged this round for me.

Ref Jamie Kirkpatrick scored it 40 to 36 Jones I had it the same.


Next on the card was McCracken’s

Gyms ‘Beast From the Middle East’ Kay Jimenez who was taking on Rusteen Fatkhullin in a six round super Welterweight contest. The thirty-year-old Syrian was having his third professional contest and his first six-rounder of his career had brought a massive following with him. Jimenez weighed in at ten stone nine with Fatkhullin coming in at ten stone seven with Jamie Kirkpatrick reffing.

Jimenez released a barrage of combinations at the start of the first round joy the joy of his fans, he settled down in the second half of the round picking his shots well to win it. Fatkhullin had a go in the second and landed some decent shots, Jimenez stayed in control of the round but was getting caught by some big shots which kept the fight completive. The third was a tough round to call as Jimenez landed some nice combinations and pushed Fatkhullin back but Fatkhullin continued to land big eye-catching shots not seeming to be able to miss with the left hook, and could not split them.

Fatkhullin continued to have joy with the left hook and was making this award's first six-rounder and for Jimenez, Jimenez stayed in control let his hands go winning the round. Fatkhullin was just looking gorgeous with the big left hook in the fifth with Jimenez sticking to his boxing getting some nice combinations off and ending the round with a big flurry to edge it. Fatkhullin continued to look for the big left hook in the final round but was looking tired, Jimenez stuck to his boxing and let his hands go out working and landing the cleaner shots to win the round.

Ref Jamie Kirkpatrick scored it 60 to 55 Jimenez I had it the same.


The final fight in this review was a four-round contest with the unbeaten 6 – 0 Lewis Morris in the home corner, Twenty one year old Morris from Walsall was taking on Twenty six year old southpaw Tatenda Mangombe in a four-round lightweight contest. Morris weighed in nine done four with Mangombe coming in nine stone seven with Jamie Kirkpatrick reffing.

Morris just seemed to be having a look at his opponent as he started the first round, Mangombe edged the round even with Morris having a big flurry at the end. Mangombe was the boxer on the front foot for most one the second, Morris made him miss a lot with nice movement and picked his shots well to nick the round.

The third was a back and forth round with Mangombe letting his hands go and landing with Morris on the back foot countering. Mangombe left it all in the ring as he fought the final round like his life depended on it, Morris returned fire with some eye-catching shots but it was Mangombe round for me.

Ref Jamie Kirkpatrick scored it 40 to 36 Mangombe I had it 39 to 37 Mangombe.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Another great show by BcB Promotions jake Melvin and Ryan Keely’s write-up are available below.

Jamie Behan took his unbeaten record to three with out defeat tonight winning every round convincingly. He switch hit along which seemed to confuse the southpaw Hall who hardly got a shot off. Behan at just 20 could have a very bright future.

Female fighter Jasmin Harmitt impressed on her debut, she seems to be a none stop-action fighter who will excite crowds, I look forward to seeing her fight again soon.

Brandon Jones was given a good test against the tough and durable Darryl Sharp who ask all the right questions of Jones but he had all the answers, a very impressive performance.

Kay Jimenez was also given a good test and passed with flying colours completing his first six-round contest. He seemed open for a left hook and his opponent took advantage of this but Jimenez showed why he is called ‘The Beast From the Middle East’ taking them and winning the fight. He had a great following behind him and has the potential to go far.

There was a shock defeat on the cards when the then-unbeaten Lewis Morris lost on a convincing points defeat with southpaw Mangombe earning a lot of respect. Morris didn’t really the part tonight and these things can happen to the best of us, but how you come back from it counts. I think Morris will be back to winning ways in his next fight.

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